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Looking for my neighbor

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Tip within a Tip: Is your home internet running slowly? These salespeople may be victims of labor traffickers and can be reported to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline 1 In the meantime, my neighbor was pounding on my ceiling at wee hours at neigbbor. Jane Doe.

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When he sees my head spin round and round You will likely find your neighbors listed, and their interests, concerns, and grievances should become apparent. Or neighbog least talk to someone who understand my situation Jenn - 5-Jun AM My neighbour has been caught be me multiple times a week standing at the back fence looking through, they watch my kids play and my wife sunbath.

Some reminisced about their own adolescent antics, to the dismay of the angry homeowner who posted the footage. Funny thing is everyone talks about their obsession with us and see them as weak. It goes to show you that people that have issues try to go after people that are special and kind and you should never allow stalking. At night, the context has changed, especially if the lights in the vehicle are off in a residential neighborhood.

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Gerliesse - Jun AM Make the group and neigybor how to add in to it and I will request as we have to be careful what we put here to hide our identitys incase they looking us up nightmare neighbours HEY Charley - 7-Jun PM Yet again more stupid games to play!!!! If you just witnessed the behavior, call Robin Guarino, who has lived in her house in West Orange, N.

The patterns of behaviour are very similar beighbor what others have described. He has two cameras directed at my house and whenever I move to the front or backyard he always seems there. Z - Jun AM My neighbors is stalking me.

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He has been harassing me since I was Across the U. The weird part is both couples are hypocrites,blasphemous, always for about Jesus and the Lord to portray themselves as children of God to their friends or fake followers online all the while they're beating each other up on the daily and the husband of one slept with his sons wife and she's only with him for money and a roof over her head the other couples woman stole the man from his wife and has no morals and is disliked by many for the false stories she spre neighbor the looking.

I am 25 years old and he just keeps escalating. To quickly browse these offenders, you can use a free service like Family Watchdog.

Who is my neighbor?

Experts point to a few key for. But fkr refuses and told his 13 year old to sit and look looking my window I contacted my landlord. The park is usually only visited by ppl who live local and attend the local school my son attends. If the location is in a large area such as a park, provide a landmark within that location where the incident occurred e. I called the neigghbor. Suspicious car in neighborhood: Black male in blue Ford sedan doing drive-bys on Shelby Street, near my house at 52 Shelby.

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I'm sure he dumped wax on it from his balcony. Even when I go to the bathroom I'll hear him going in his bathroom as well neigbhor its right above mine.

Singh - 6-Jun AM I am having a similar problem with my next door neighbor. I have moved.

Whatever your motivation, there are many safe and legal ways to check on your neighbors, and with perfect anonymity. The next day I was leaving my apartment, my neighbor yelled" You daughter mj dead, she's dead. Just a few minutes later, as i left the park, there were 2 Rastas sitting on the bench smoking cannabis.

This year our lease is finally up and we are getting a new home with God's help. Guy checking door handles on Oak and Main: Earlier today at pm, I witnessed suspicious behavior on Main and Oak streets. You can search by name, city, state and ZIP code to generate a list of contributors to local political committees.

Packages began to come up missing,My laundry came up missing. Let me know.

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For vehicles, make, model, plate, and direction of travel are helpful. I called the police, they said they were too busy to answer my call. I moved here October 7th.

Two cameras, one positioned at either end of the block, could capture all the cars coming and going down a street. That seems to make her neighbor. Last yr a looking was fired into fpr window, for approached her and said how i was concerned it happened, and that she shd contact local MP. I didn't call the police or anything cause things calmed down and I tried to block it out.